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Originated the role of Rani in the A.R.T. & Broadway Companies of Life of Pi.

Sonya has recently joined the UK company of Life of Pi, where she will be reprising her role of Rani and covering Pi Patel!

"Rani, played with warm intelligence by Ms. Venugopal, mocks Pi’s all-embracing spiritual interests by snarking, “If you go temple Thursday, mosque Friday, synagogue Saturday and church Sunday, you only need three more religions to be on holiday forever!”-Wall Street Journal

LIFE OF PI is an epic tale of adventure filled with “moment after moment of theatrical magic” (New York Post). This remarkable story of hope, faith, and perseverance is “an exhilarating evening of theater” (Wall Street Journal) that speaks to every generation, and “a dazzling marvel of stagecraft” (Entertainment Weekly) filled with awe and joy. “That roaring you will hear at the show’s end? It’s the sound of a standing ovation!” (The New York Times).


Pi Patel Broadway Debut.


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